Session 1
An unfortunate turn of fate


The Heroes meet up for work at Gaths workshop, they work hard, well apart from Calibri who just wanted to get high. Rustles and scratching is hered throughout the day from the left side of the workshop.

In The last hour of there laborois and painstaking shift the scratching is heard louder. The Left wall of the workshop caves though and Rust monsters burst out! battle Begins, The Rust monsters advance onto the heroes, Mareshi charged forward into battle, Plunging a short sword he grabbed swiftly from the floor into the beasts back, its brown blood sprays out but the damage is not fatal and the sword is struck. Mareshi is pulled around the room keeping an unforgiving grip on the sword. Calibri curls up in the corner and dreams of drugs and his lost past. Ballis Recognises the beasts from a book he fetched and delivered once on one of his many valiant and important quests but then Roars at the beasts causing one to quiver in fear! Theodore Slays one of the beasts thrusting by his sword into it, but is drenched in brown liquid as he does so. Johan Upon Seeing the beast that Ballis scared comfort feeding on some of the metal blades he realises he can distract them with metal objects much as you distract a dog with a bone. He Picks up and throws a tasty short sword towards the forge, This distracts the rust monster that is pulling Mareshi and Ballis behind it and it runs and stops at the forge to feed on the metal throwing both Mareshi and Ballis off its back in the process. After an messy and exciting battle the heroes eventully slayed the vile beasts. The room was coverd in there terrible corrosive blood and all the metal objects in the room along with the rust monsters corpses disintergrated.

Gath storms into the room with his guards ‘What the hell is going on here!’ he bellowed, He looks at the Heroes covered in brown liquid and all the weapons and armour they had made gone. You could see the anger in his eyes building ‘Guards restrain them!’ he yelled. The Guards moved in.. Mareshi backed off looking as if he would go quietly, this was a complete contrast to Ballis who lunged at one of the guards,jumping onto his back and managing to get his arms around his neck.

More soon when I am awake !


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